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AI for Editors

Education, News & Resources about ChatGPT and More

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Artificial Intelligence programs like Chat GPT are reshaping the editing profession.

No matter which type of editor you are or which type of editing you do, learning these tech tools now will help you be more efficient, accurate, consistent, and helpful—all while future-proofing your job in an increasingly AI-integrated industry.

Hello, I’m Erin Servais.

I'm here to teach you how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to upgrade your editing career.

I am an editor, educator, and community builder. I founded the Editors Tea Club, an online space where editors gather for friendship, resources, and support, and I offer editor coaching through my company, Dot and Dash. In my fifteen years in publishing, I have helped to bring hundreds of titles to print and have presented about editing, entrepreneurship, and Artificial Intelligence across the United States and Canada.

I always tell ChatGPT please and thank you, just in case.

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