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Erin Servais speaks about editing, Artificial Intelligence, and entrepreneurship. Interested in having her present to your group? Email her at

Upcoming Events

Editing with Empathy

September 27–29, 2023

ACES: The Society for Editing

Virtual Conference

Sharing writing is an act of vulnerability. It makes sense authors envision their manuscript dripping with red ink and expect editing to be painful. A compassionate editor has the power to reverse these fears. Editing with empathy for the author can transform the editorial process so clients retain their self-esteem, enhance their capabilities, and feel nurtured in their craft.  


In this class, you’ll learn to incorporate empathetic editing through:

  • giving reader-focused advice in author queries and editorial reports

  • providing project updates and post-edit support

  • using clear and kind communication during onboarding, offboarding, and in between  


Note it is possible for some clients to take advantage of empathy through scope creep, rescheduling, and other red-flag behaviors. That’s why we’ll also discuss setting boundaries in your contracts and communications in order to protect yourself.

The New Elephant in the Room: Using AI Tools in Your Work – and Talking to Clients About It

The advent of AI tools like ChatGPT has freelancers navigating tricky waters. We’re exploring the tools and figuring out how to incorporate them into our own work effectively and ethically. At the same time, we might be working with clients who are asking questions or coming to us with their own processes—which may or may not align with ours.

Join us for a panel discussion exploring the latest thinking on the use of AI tools and how to talk with clients about it with panelists Erin Servais, Jake Poinier, and Erin Brenner.

October 5, 2023

2:00–3:30 Montain

Editorial Freelancers Association, Colorado Chapter

ChatGPT for Editors

October 9, 2023

2:30–3:30 Eastern

Guest lecture for the Hussman School of Journalism and Media about the role of generative AI tools like ChatGPT in copyediting and journalism.

Not open to the public.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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